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Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association.  MOFGA is the oldest and largest state-based organic organization.  Their subsidiary, MOFGA Certification Services, certifies our operation as organic.  They also provide innumerable valuable services to farmers, consumers, and the public in the way of educational events and materials, political lobbying, food networking, and above all the unbeatable Common Ground Country Fair every year in September.

Animal Welfare Approved.  The National Organic Program is an excellent set of guidelines for good agricultural practices, but they can fall a little short in their requirements for animal welfare.  This fault has been improved somewhat for cows since the passage of the new pasture rule, but since our pigs' living conditions greatly exceed the requirements of the organic rule we also maintain certification by AWA, a widely respected third-party certifier of pasture-based family livestock farms.  Their website is full of information for consumers and farmers alike.

Cornucopia Institute.  The Cornucopia Institute is a watchdog organization working on behalf of organic consumers and small-scale, conscientious organic farmers.  They identify and pursue instances of organic fraud and disseminate information about organic food issues.  They publish useful tools like the “Dairy Scorecard” to help consumers choose the best organic food options.

Wood Prairie Farm.  Jim Gerritsen up in Bridgewater is an excellent, knowledgeable farmer of potatoes, grains, and other items, and yet somehow manages to also find the time to lobby against Monsanto and the spread of GMOs, an issue on which he regularly posts updates on his website.

Rosemont Market and Bakery.  The mini-chain of Rosemont Markets is the brainchild of Portland-area foodie John Naylor. They are a wonderful source of a wide variety of delicious local and imported foods.  They also bake fantastic croissants.  They used to be our largest wholesale account until the flagship store installed their own butcher counter, and the butcher chose to buy "natural" sides from another farm to make his sausages.  Our sausages are still available in the freezer at the Munjoy Hill (Congress St) location.

Rising Tide Community Market.  Rising Tide, a food co-op and natural foods store in Damariscotta, was our first wholesale account.  They are a vibrant focal point for the Damariscotta area community and very supportive of local producers.

Royal River Natural Foods.  Royal River is a lovely natural foods store in Freeport that has been a faithful customer for many years.  Look for our sausages in their freezer case at the back of the store.

Crown of Maine Organic Cooperative.  COMOC, founded by Jim Cook and continued after his death in 2008 by his daughters, is a wholesale distributor of Maine organic produce, and so much more.  COMOC is a valuable supporter of Maine farmers, the organic movement, and local food distribution.

Belfast Farmers Market.  Go here for information and updates on the Belfast Farmers Market, which we are joining for the 2012 season.

Camden Farmers Market.  Go here for information and updates from the Camden Farmers Market, which we joined in 2010.

Kennebec Local Food Initiative.  This is a great new organization furthering the cause of local food in the Gardiner area.  Our products are available through their buying club.

Sheepscot General Store.  Our good friends Ben Marcus (another native Whitefielder) and Taryn Hammer are revitalizing the old Uncas Farm and farm store.  The store focuses on goods from local farms, but they also offer other favorite foods (no store by the title of Sheepscot General could be complete without penny candy and PBR!), a deli, miscellaneous garden and hardware items, and a vibrant community center.

Savory Maine.  A new all-day restaurant and retail space in Damariscotta featuring imaginative preparation of local foods.

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