Treble Ridge Farm
How We Farm

Rufus went to culinary school, Alice got a degree in Environmental Science.  So is it any surprise that we aim to raise a variety of really good food in an integrated farm ecosystem?  Some people daydream about a vacation in Hawaii, we daydream about raising canola so we can power our tractors off homemade biodiesel and feed the presscake to the hogs.  The sections below provide information on our approach to various enterprises on our farm.

Pigs.  If there’s one thing we get really evangelical about, it’s CERTIFIED ORGANIC meat – especially when the meat comes from animals that are raised primarily on grain, like pigs and poultry...MORE

Produce.  Pigs and produce go really well together, forming the sort of symbiotic relationship between enterprises that we think fosters a healthy farm ecosystem...MORE

Field Crops.  Haymaking is ingrained in central Maine farming, due to a long tradition of dairying and small-scale beef farming, and sheep farming before that.  Far less common in our area is the growing of annual field crops – grains, dry legumes, and oilseeds.  We are interested in these crops for two reasons...MORE

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